Why your Business Can’t Afford not to go Digital

My parents are part of the baby boomer generation. It wasn’t until they were in their 40s that computers and mobile phones became more common and in their 60s they discovered the wonders of swiping left and right or connecting to long lost friends via WhatsApp.

Personal history lesson aside, the baby boomer generation may have missed out on IT lessons and the wonders of Wikipedia, but they haven’t been left behind when it comes to consumer knowledge.

As the user demographic of Facebook gets older and marketers create more age specific online strategies, can your business really afford not to have a digital marketing strategy?

Those born in the 80s onwards might use social media most frequently, but the older generation have embraced digital life wholeheartedly, so why haven’t you?


Going back to basics, digital marketing uses the internet, mobile phones and other forms of electronic media to promote a business.

Whether through Facebook ads, popups, direct mail or a downloadable mobile app a good digital marketing strategy will ensure your campaign can be seen on a variety of mediums.

It’s quick, accessible and allows ongoing analysis to see what aspects of your marketing campaign work and which don’t.

Consumers are more knowledgeable than ever. They are more than happy to search for cheaper options, leave reviews and try something new.

But what if they can’t even find you? If your website is lacklustre or it’s buried on page 10 of a Google search how will you ever make any headway in your particular market?


  1. 1. GROWTH POTENTIAL: A comprehensive digital marketing strategy can help business growth. A solid campaign will target customers, increase brand awareness or help you enter a new market.Setting business goals is vital. Digital marketing will show you if you’ve met them through daily analytics,providing a breakdown of your company’s reach and allowing you to measure success.
  2. 2. REACH NEW HEIGHTS: All businesses need a marketing budget, no matter how big or small. The beauty of digital marketing is that now small businesses can reach the same customer that previously only bigger brands could access.As a small firm you might not be able to stretch to a huge TV campaign or glossy magazine ads but you can run promotions on social media or via a direct email campaign. A smallinvestment can still go a long way.
  3. 3. CHANGING HABITS: Mrs Smith, aged 64, wants a new bed. Where is she likely to turn to for the best deal? Local newspapers used to be a great source of advertising for small businesses.Nowadays however, Mrs Smith is more likely to be Googling bed companies or taking recommendations from friends on social media who have just bought a new king sizeusing a 20% online discount.Get the picture? As people’s tastes and habits change, so must your business marketing strategy.
  4. 4) BUILD CONSUMER TRUST: Digital marketing is not faceless. In fact, it allows customers to review your products and services and directly engage with your business. Not only do customers feel they are being listened to but a positive review or testimonial can reach thousands of potential customers. Using social media as a face for your business is a powerful tool and improves customer experience.
  5. 5) REAL TIME FEEDBACK: Digital media capabilities improve and change on an almost daily basis. Next time you get a reminder to update an app on your phone, stop and think for a minute. A company may be fixing bugs or may be making the app more user-friendly. Through customer feedback, daily analytics, post engagement or number of app downloads you are quite literally a click away from creating a better, healthier business.


If you find all the digital tricks of the trade beyond your current skill set, you’re not alone. Using a creative digital agency can take the hassle out of coming up with a fresh campaign or creating daily posts.

Get in touch with Digimax today to see how we can make a digital marketing strategy work for you.

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