Dental Champions Are the Superheroes of Your Practice

Every Dental Practice has unsung heroes that champion through their day to make sure your patients are well cared for. These champions don’t wear capes, but they certainly deserve to. The success of your Dental Practice is built around patient satisfaction from the time they enter your building to the time they leave.

Success is not just about a successful dental procedure. It is also about the colleague who can calm nervous patients, handle infection control like a boss and suction like the world depends on it.

It’s unfortunate (but true) that the Dentist usually gets the credit for a job well done when a patient leaves with a healthy smile.  However, you and I both know that it takes a team to make patients happy. Fortunately for our unsung heroes, all good Dental Practices make a conscious effort to reward the hard work of every deserving colleague. The trend has become so great that these champions are becoming the focal point of Dental Marketing campaigns.


Marketing your Dental Practice isn’t all about the fancy adverts or big-budget signage. Your employee interaction with patients plays an even bigger role in attracting and retaining patients than your signage ever could.

Your image will receive a significant boost when you can show the public you have a successful, healthy and professional team. The quality of your workforce is a direct reflection on the quality of your Dental Practice holistically. You can market the latest treatments and technology as much as you want to, but if a client doesn’t feel they’re in safe hands, then they won’t be coming in.

So how do you show the public that you have a strong team? By publicly acknowledging who they are and what they offer your patients.

You can create unique branding opportunities by publicly acknowledging your team’s unique contributions to the success of your Practice. These opportunities can even be enough to set you worlds apart from your local competitors.


Your dental champions play a huge role in the success of your business. Don’t wait for the annual appraisal before you appreciate the effort they make daily.

Look for ways to acknowledge those who go above and beyond their daily duties. Who stands out from the rest? Who is exceptional at meeting patient’s needs? Who makes multi-tasking look like a breeze?

While we may feel these qualities are expected, they are some of the building blocks that strengthen your customer experience and your brand.


Here are our favourite ways to acknowledge the champions in your own team.

1.Share the stories that matter. Any consumer, your patients included, has an inherent need to feel a human connection with a service provider. You can help fuel this connection by sharing feel-good stories about your colleagues.

It might be the story of a team member who uses their spare time to teach children about dental hygiene at local schools. Perhaps you want to tell the world about your head of Admin who started as a janitor and has worked their way up doing night-time classes. Or how about the team member who has been serving your patients loyally for over 40 years?

These are simple examples, but the point we’re trying to make is that your Dental Practice will have beautiful stories of your own. These stories can help build a connection by adding a human touch to your professional image.

2. Don’t be shy to put others on a pedestal. The best way to boost your business is to increase your team morale. Use any award and recognition opportunity that exists within your local community to nominate deserving staff members.

Start by reaching out to your local Chamber of Commerce or business associations. Find out what awards of excellence they run and then identify colleagues who might meet the nomination criteria.

Local awards receive local news coverage, which is a bonus for your Practice.

3. Internal recognition speaks volumes to the team. Ask team leaders to nominate colleagues for a Team Member of the Month award. Place photos of the winning colleagues on a Wall of Fame at your reception area.

This will be an internal system, but you can still share the results publicly. Post a short message with an accompanying photo on your social media platforms to show followers you are proud of your team and they are worthy of acknowledgement.

4. Make your champions internet famous. Have your online agency create appreciation posts for exceptional service and share these on your website and social media posts.

You can also encourage patients to post messages of appreciation on your Facebook or Twitter platforms. This is appropriate when a patient feels that a particular person deserves special recognition.

5. It’s not always about marketing. The root of appreciation should never be about the marketing advantage. A low-key and sincere ‘thank you’ goes a long way to motivate a colleague.

Make a conscious effort to pay attention to the details and tell a colleague when they’re doing a good job. If the day is very busy, then leave a sticky note on their desk before you leave or send a text after hours. Acknowledgement does not always have to feature on your website to mean something special.

6. Be clever and be consistent

Using acknowledgment as a marketing technique can be tricky. You will need to have very clear guidelines. Clear boundaries will tell colleagues what they can post on the internet, who can post and when it is applicable. The best way to manage the process is to hand it over to an online agency.

Your agency can create the necessary guidelines and ensure consistency of the principles by being the point of contact for acknowledgment posts.

Don’t be afraid to harness the power of your undercover superheroes to attract new patients and to keep them satisfied.

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