Why You Can’t Ignore Online Video Marketing

Any small business that chooses not to use social media marketing must surely have been living under a proverbial rock.

Small businesses in every sector, have woken up to the fact that if you want to attract more customers, then you need to get social. Social media that is.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are amongst the most popular social marketing tools for businesses today. Every one of them uses video to draw in more customers than ever before. The global Dental industry is no exception. Dental Practices all around the world have turned to online video as a powerful tool to attract new patients.

Video adds a dynamic, engaging element to the message you are sending. Good scripting and professional production can help a viewer feel as if they already have a relationship with your Practice.


According to Forbes, video views will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. What that means is that 80% of the time that your patients spend on the internet, they will spend watching videos. If you are not in the video space, then you’ll be left fighting for a slither of the remaining 20% of their time.

Don’t get us wrong, there is still a place for text and images, but these become stale very quickly, and they’re simply no longer popular.


Producing engaging videos does not have to break the bank. There are many types of videos that you can create yourselves, provided you have colleagues with decent video skills.

Smartphones have high-quality cameras that can record the quality you need for a basic in-house video message. If your camera doesn’t come with good editing software, then countless apps will do the trick.

We do recommend you at least invest in a good Smartphone tripod, so the footage isn’t unnecessarily shaky. You might also consider a plug-in Smartphone microphone to make sure viewers can hear you clearly. Other than these two items, your Smartphone will have everything you need for entry-level videos.


What does any Dental Practice do? It helps patients feel and look better through dental treatments.

Create testimonial videos to help boost your image. Hearing an existing patient share their experience, will help build trust in what you can do.

Video is a great way to capture satisfied patients with beautiful smiles and equally beautiful compliments about your Dental Practice. You can help to guide the testimonial by scripting the type of questions that future patients may ask if they had the opportunity. This will help keep your video subject on track and within healthy limits of what they should be willing to share.


Introducing your team on video or having team members feature in your video demonstrations is a great way to build a sense of familiarity. Ask a colleague to create a video tour of your facilities or have them explain what a patient can expect on their first visit to the office.

Choose colleagues who are comfortable in front of the camera and who are usually good with walk-in patients. Future patients will feel as if they already know your team, which will decrease anxiety and increase the chances that they will reach out for an appointment.


Patients are not Dental Professionals. They don’t know as much as you do about the variety of treatment options available for a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. Video is a great educational tool to display what the modern Dental Industry has to offer.

You can use video to help patients understand dental health issues, why they need to be treated and what options are available. You can highlight anything from gum hygiene to a root canal, or from teeth whitening to dental implants. Do not aim the content at the health professional but rather speak to the layperson who has little or no knowledge about individual procedures.

You can keep the content informative by anticipating what questions a new patient may have about each topic.


A more adventurous video idea is to film a treatment process. You will need the patient’s consent, of course. You will also need to edit out any sections of the video that are too time-consuming or visually disturbing to sensitive viewers.

Some viewers may even like to watch a procedure performed live on a video stream via Facebook or your website. Be very selective about these opportunities because you won’t be able to edit what patients see. This is a riskier video technique, although it can be very successful if managed correctly.

It’s at this point that we really recommend hiring someone who is more skilled at video than your average Dental Assistant. The last thing you want to do is to put patients off with gory angles of dental implant procedures. Hire someone to do these types of videos properly.


Producing high-quality videos will take a great deal of time if you want them to look professional. The odd self-made team video here and there is a great way to show the human side of your business. However, if you are serious about attracting patients then you will need an archive of high-class videos that show viewers how professional you are.

Be wise. Only attempt to self-produce videos that are meant to be fun and informal. Bring in the professionals the moment the footage needs to show your dental specialists at work. The right producers will also make sure your content is appropriate, contemporary and attractive.

Having a skilled team produce the videos for you will be an investment well spent. You’ll soon find that your returns far outweigh the time and resources you spend on them.


The more you invest in your videos, the more confident you should be to share them everywhere.

Most social media platforms have a facility to play and share videos. If your videos are too large or too long to share on social media, then have them edited down or compressed for sharing.

Short highlight video snippets are a popular way to push the viewer to your website for the full-length production. Share your highlight snippets on all your social media accounts. Make it easier for the viewer to link to your website by adding a hyperlink from each video to the destination page on your site.


Video is definitely the flavour of the day in the social media world. It does not mean that you can ignore everything else though. Have a healthy balance of video, text, and images to get your marketing messages across to your audience. Above all, make sure every message creates a positive impression of your Dental Practice by ensuring that each one is as professional as you are.





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